First thing i can tell you is that there are two advantages of being a transguy: you can choose the size of my dick and i can stay hard as long as it takes for you to come…^^ That’s if you wanna get fucked, if you wanna fuck me i have a bonus hole that you should try, maybe for the first time in your life 😉 And as another bonus a dicklit – my clit developed with testosterone – very hard that you can suck!

Sure i have a different body but i’m the hairiest in the family and what i have between my legs doesn’t make me less of a guy! If you have no idea what a transguy is go have a look at my pics, you’ll get an idea. And if you get excited even better!

I opened my sexuality with my transition so don’t be scared to share your fantasies with me, even if i tell you no i won’t judge you. But i also know my boundaries. And if you wanna explore new things, i’m up for that too!

In addition of having the burning sexual appetite of a bear, i also like to cuddle as well as kiss, caress and give massages to bodies to make them relax. And if you like to give my body will enjoy it.

I’m an open person, I enjoy culture and conversation: i’m a good date to go out with. Bon vivant i appreciate as much a good meal or a good wine bottle as a good fuck 😉

I like to change the way i look: from shaved hair to a colorful mohawk through more ordinary haircuts, i let my beard grows and or cut it short as i feel like. Chameleon i pass as well in a leather outfit as in a 3-piece suit and i can hide or highlight my tattoos depending on the situation and the mood. I take good care of my myself, i have a strong and muscular body that can hold the whole night if you want it too ^^

If you’ve been attracted to my profile or have questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I live in Berlin but i travel a lot around Europe, we can find a way to meet!